Orange Jeff's Show Blog: November 30, 2020

Second Monday Premier

Orange Jeff lives in Willie’s House as a tenant, providing technical support including producing the show, teaching Willie new technologies and maintaining the website. 

Second Monday Premier

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So we just premiered our second week debut. Our second, Monday on YouTube and Twitch and live on the site. It appears that I didn’t have enough time to test the audio quality of Willie’s new positioning for the phone. So, All of Melanie’s conversation is very muted, and quiet and pretty much the kind of thing that will make Willie scream and freak out, if he notices. I suspect he will notice because he tells everyone to tune in and simebody is bound to complain you can’t hear the co-host. Thats a pretty big deal… except it really isnt. We have three people watching. We’re supposed to be making these kinds of erros early on.

I could put the effort and energy into re mixing that audio because I know Willie will go on about how amazingly powerful his studio mixer is. It recently re-entered his ficus as he cleaned up his studio to make room for his excersize mats. That old hardware mixer was probbly great in the 80s and if we can find the cables, I’ll hook it up and see what we can use it for. Hardware mixing with is current computer isn’t the right tool for a job like this. The show is already reorded using a single mic. It’s his current fixation though, so I’ll have to help him set it up at least to watch it fail, and then we’ll download Audacity. If I stall just long enough, we’ll be focused on tomorrow instead, which is often my plan (and excuse) for not doing anything much to our shows after they air. I’m not much of a “fix it in post” kind of guy, which is why I insisted on the show being live each day, at least in the early days.

We have six followers who are all personal friends and supportive of what we’re trying to build.

Jon Stewart, formerly of The Daily Show said something wise that I always remember. I’m paraphrasing the intent rather than his actual words.  When you’re doing a daily show it’s important to remember you’re doing a daily show. If it’s not a very good show. You have another one tomorrow. I don’t want to waste energy on yesterday’s show. Instead, we work on making tomorrows show better. Today’s show is archived as an example of how we’ll grow and improve.

In truth, ths show today wasn’t particularly noteworthy or share worthy. I’m trying to get him to stay more on one topic per episode so that we can hit demographics and search engines. If people want to look up Niagara Falls garbage collection, they’re really not going to find the Willie show, but if the entire half hour is pretty much dedicated to that and we did research and things like that, It may be more worthy. We need to scedule segments and have them listed in advance. Show prep can then have photos and cutaway segments.

Things to fix: Willie’s speakerphone has horrible quality audio and was placed in such a way that the speaker was against the desk. Hopefully tomorrow, we’ll have his new phone, and I figured out a way to have the phone audio be it’s own track, wioth a seperate audio track.

I will also do my best to remember to turn notifications off on the phones and make sure the phone on the tripod is aligned properly. On thereplay I noticed I had a black bar down the left side. OOPS.

I’ll also try to pre-prep early enough to have two cameras on him. One closer to his face so there is some varioety in the shots.

If we can finally come up with topics in advance, I may have graphics too.

Being imperfect bothers me a little in week two, but not as much as it bothers him. I can forget about it.

Tomorrow will be better. That’s the model. Tomorrow will be better.

It’s actually not a bad model for life. But it’s certainly a good model for Willie’s house.