Orange Jeff's Show Blog: November 24, 2020

OOPS – Site Name Typo

Orange Jeff lives in Willie’s House as a tenant, providing technical support including producing the show, teaching Willie new technologies and maintaining the website.¬†

OOPS – Site Name Typo

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‚ÄčOn today’s show, I let Willie know why our website domain WilliesHouse.TV wasn’t yet active. It was my fault. I made a simple typo and didn’t notice till after we registered the wrong domain name. An $85 mistake he didn’t take so well. This show is intended to be running on a zero budget, or as close to it as we can do, and now I was asking for a second $85 to register it correctly.

The incorrect version was which certainly gives a different first impression about the kind of content we’ll be presenting. We have it for a whole year, so I’m not sure what use I’ll find for it.