Orange Jeff's Show Blog: November 23, 2020

Show Pilot – Still in Beta

Orange Jeff lives in Willie’s House as a tenant, providing technical support including producing the show, teaching Willie new technologies and maintaining the website. 

Show Pilot – Still in Beta

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Hello and welcome to the experiment.

I’m orange Jeff and this is my behind the scenes personal blog written in and about; Willie’s House, our new TV show.

We did the first live show starting right at at 9am this morning. We were not ready, but we made it. I would have preferred calling this a dress rehearsal, but I accept this was an important milestone, and I like that it was on a Monday. The first week will probably be quite rough and unpolished, but that’s part of the concept. You’ll see us improve and be a part of that process. My role so far is to remain quiet and not throw Willie off with comments, but I hope that changes and he allows us to have a little more interaction. Having a second voice is pretty much the standard from morning radio shows to morning TV shows everywhere. During this first episode we knew there were a few things not yet ready, but I quickly started adding to that list and I think each show will have new changes you’ll be able to spot right away.

For one, I won’t leave my phone ringer on. We were using my Samsung as Willie’s main camera, and officially I do have another job. I think it rand three times during the hour.  OOPS.  We’ll also make sure Willie’s phone is charged and I’m setting up a bigger monitor for him for show notes and whatever. I would have liked to remind him the fly was on Vice President Pence’s head, bot Bidens – but That’s Willie, and those kinds of flubs are what makes live TV  more fun.

I figure by next Monday, if we maintain the schedule and keep getting better, it will be something I’m proud to be a founding member of.

Willie is Willie. The perfect host for an adventure like this. Always optimistic, always thinking and always entertaining to witness. This was an excellent rehearsal for what we want the show to be, and each day it should improve. It will improve. I stress a bit more than I need to. I have a lot of work to do as producer, webmaster and Willie wrangler.