Orange Jeff's Show Blog: November 30, 2020

No More Streaming Webcams

Orange Jeff lives in Willie’s House as a tenant, providing technical support including producing the show, teaching Willie new technologies and maintaining the website. 

No More Streaming Webcams

by | Nov 30, 2020 | 0 comments

On the weekend, Wilie finally axed the idea of the live studio streaming webcams. This was the central idea I brought with me when I moved in because it’s always been something I’ve had in my own life, and it was the starting ground for the whole show idea at Willie’s House. The truth is, as much as he likes being on Camera, having them recordiung his every day life was a bit too  much. I understand totally. I have always had others confused by my webcam life. IOt’s not for everyone. As much as he loves being on camera, he is more calculated than one might think and image concious. He didn’t like the risk of being caught doing sopmething he wouldn’t want to share.

So the 24 hour studio cams aregone. The site will stream the LIVE show and archibve his bits and new shows only.