Orange Jeff's Show Blog: November 29, 2020

American Thanksgiving

Orange Jeff lives in Willie’s House as a tenant, providing technical support including producing the show, teaching Willie new technologies and maintaining the website. 

American Thanksgiving

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So we just completed the Thanksgiving show without mentioning it was Thanksgiving. Most of our followers for at least the first week will be friends and family and we’re all in Canada where its more commonly known as Thursday. We never quite understood why anyone would want a holiday on a Thursday but I suppose it allows for 3 extra days of Football or whatever.

Willie starts working a new movie job Monday. I’m sure he’ll enjoy being around people other than me again, and come home each day with new stories and videos. We’ve decided to stop the morning episodes and switch them to the evening. We’ll still be streaming LIVE but we’re not quite sure what time he’ll be home and what state of tiredness he’ll be in.  It’s important to keep shooting though, as the daily show is motivational and helps keep us dedicated and on track. I’ve seen a lot of early bloggers promise to post regularly, followed by the “Sorry I haven’t posted in so long” episode.

Our morning show didn’t evolve much this week. Each morning was rushed with minimal show prep and I didn’t get to make any of the improvements I had noted with the exception of lighting. Willie insisted that good lighting was imperative and that there should be no shadows of his head or arms. In the Black Friday show,m I think he finally did it. To me, it seemed a little flat, but perhaps now we can add some colour lighting or something else to make his face pop. His son is a professional in the lighting biz and has been offering advice.

I didn’t give myself enough time this morning to get the sound checks done that I wanted, and so we were stuck with an overhead boom microphone. It’s not perfect but it got better over the week. We bought some clip-on lapel microphones and I have a Bluetooth earbud mic to try next week but we learned to NOT test things live. Willie started a few minutes late, but I started the Twitch stream at 9am so I let the cameras roll. You heard. Willie talking to his friend, setting up a spontaneous call. We didn’t time know when she’d call but the timing incredibly perfectly timed. We didn’t plan that. He just happened to say, We need people to call in and she called in right at that moment which was really quite cool.

It appears my plan to become more chummy and converse with Willie isn’t being accepted. Instead, he’s using his caller friend as a potential co-host calling in from remote as needed. He does seem to talk better with fewer umms and hesitation when speaking conversationally, which is why I wanted to develop a morning show style banter. He talks more friendly with the opposite sex than he does with me, and I understand that. In any case, we’re having fun, and we are progressing if not as quickly as I had hoped.

As long as every new show is better than the last, we’re happy. The choice to shorten the show to a half-hour, and tackle one topic perv show will probably make a huge difference, and also allow shows to be more searchable by content. Starting with week two, I think I’ll have enough pride in the show and feel better about promoting it to friends and family and beyond.

Today we open up on YouTube. We’ll have the shows available there where most people will be able to find them since nobody really nobody in our demographic age group knows Twitch. I shouldn’t say anybody, but it’s certainly not a familiar choice for anyone Willie has told about it. YouTube is.