Frankenstein Studio

The Artist

As a creative mixed media artist, Willie is always looking for new ways to create and share his unique style and humour. His house is filled with spectacular art created by Willie himself, as well as originals from other artists as well as Toys and other items that have been collected over the years. WIllie has been called a hoarder but prefers the term creative collector. His “mess” is actually well thought out and placed. It changes constantly and everything is in view for a fascinating walk-around tour.

Willie’s art is showcased on his Facebook page but because social media is relatively new to him, he only recently realized he should have taken pictures of his work before he sold them. Because of this, so much of his greatest pieces reside in the homes and galleries of his loyal fans around North America. We’re attempting to track some down to add to the gallery.

Willie is always creating new art and thanks to the motivational powers of his TV show, he plans to show off some of his favourite items as well as instructional videos in the upcoming months.